Conference flash mob

A business conference. It’s the first day. The conference hall is packed with delegates dressed in business suits. They are seated, waiting for the speeches to begin. The first speaker is introduced. She walks to the centre of the stage. Her first PowerPoint slide appears on the large screen behind her. The speaker begins her presentation. She is formal and earnest. The second slide appears. She continues her talk. The third slide appears; all that is on it is a symbol of a quaver. The intro melody to ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ begins. The speaker starts moving to the rhythm. She confidently begins the first verse of the song. Her voice is resonant. As the pre-chorus melody begins, groups amongst the delegates rise from their seats. Though they are dressed like delegates, they are in fact members of a gospel choir, as is the ‘speaker’. The choir launches into the first chorus. Their voices fill the conference room. The singing continues. The song ends, and the ‘speaker’ makes her exit.  What of the delegates? Are they shocked, delighted, joyous?

Okay, this didn’t really happen. I was feeling a bit frivolous on Thursday; and inspired by a few flash mob events I’ve seen on TV and YouTube, I dreamt up this idea over lunch. Over the course of the afternoon colleagues helped me refine it. Flash mob type events have been used by several companies so I’m not being particularly original. But this idea really tickles me. So, I share it with you. And if you put it into action at your conference let me know how it goes!

With particular thanks to Kay Gillard for the inspired choice of song!


About Nina F Collins

Educator with an interest in adult learning, the workplace and advanced learning technologies.
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